Beam Me Up, BONFIRE!

BONFIRE is excited to announce Galaxy Outdoor as our authorized dealer for southern Nevada. Galaxy Outdoor's giant complex borders the I-15 on Dean Martin Dr. in Las Vegas across the freeway from The Bellagio. As you wander the grill showroom, If you don't look too closely, you might not notice the subtle (and some not so subtle) Star Trek references, but as soon as you get it, you'll realize there are easter eggs for Trekkies hidden everywhere, starting with the giant "Outdoor Kitchens" lettering in Trek font on the outside visible to the 265,000 cars that pass on the freeway daily. They even have a grill island, fire pit and outdoor hearth set known as the Voyager Series. What's next? Tribble trivets and Deep Space Nine BBQ tongs?

Owner of the enterprise, Bruce Spangrund commands from his Star Trek memorabilia lined office on the bridge in the grill showroom. There is also a spa showroom building, a couple outdoor living experience spaces, as well as a warehouse and a manufacturing facility where they fabricate outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and their own Kamado Rocket grills.

So southern Nevadans, go boldly where no man (or woman) has gone before, and check out BONFIRE, the next generation of value priced premium grills at Galaxy Outdoor.

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