BONFIRE is All About The Easy

​ESA, it stands for Easy Self Assembly. Now that doesn’t mean your BONFIRE Island will assemble itself. (Wouldn’t THAT be cool?). It is, however, the very next best thing. You and a friend can assemble any of our great BONFIRE Islands with just your four hands and one screwdriver. The island construction uses heavy bolts with wingnuts that you tighten by hand. The rest of the connections require the screwdriver. And you know what’s best, you and a friend can assemble your BONFIRE Island in under an hour, usually just about 45 minutes. How great is that? Most of the parts, especially the all 304 stainless steel grill head and the one piece granite countertop ARE heavy, so we recommend gloves and caution you to practice proper lifting technique. But with a little effort, you can be enjoying your new BBQ the same day it arrives. That’s the BONFIRE advantage!​

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